The Future of Wellness

Women In Search of Empowerment (WISE)

Trauma affects how we interact with society. That includes work. If you have lost your job due to victimization of domestic violence, then we can help.

Resiliency Education

Helping children grow healthier. Fun activities to promote successful outcomes both scholastically and emotionally.

Health & Healing

Another Way provides families with many health options. Virtual reality bike rides, massage, nutritional guidance and adventure therapy. 

Another Way Services

Women In Search of Empowerment

Residents are encouraged to seek empowerment and independence. Another Way will help you feel safe again at the workplace. Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Another Way will help you control triggers and unwanted actions.

Child Positive Play Groups

Children who have witnessed traumatic experiences are more susceptible to later traumatic events. Another Way's specialized program help children rediscover positive self-image, interpersonal skills with peers, and healthy interaction with the mom in mind.  This is part of the WISE program.

The Future of Wellness

Our goal is to have a healthy and independent Mom. Mom's want their children healthy. Another Way wellness helps the entire family unit, to strengthen it for adversity. At Another Way, clients can find peace of mind.