Mind + Body+ Spirit


Traditional Talk Therapy, Support Groups, and Psychoeducation. Children's activities to help promote resiliency and emotional intelligence.


Come take a spin at the virtual bike studio. A unique exercise group that supports healthy living.


Wellness activities that includes adventure therapy, Eco-psychology, and all the charms that come from the southwest.

Trauma Treatment & Recovery

It begins with talk

Victimization is an isolating feeling. The body may heal itself, but the psychological wounds remain. People may notice the bruises and scars, but have no idea of the inner-dialogue. It is difficult to think positive things when you have been traumatized. At Another Way, we help you rediscover your positive self-concept and self-esteem.

Staying atop the mountain

Recovery only seems unlikely, but you can do it. You have done it before. However, what happens when you get there? Why does the cycle keep happening? Another Way's educational courses help you understand and stay atop the mountain. Climb your mountain  and Another Way will help. 

Rural Health

Page is an excellent location for self-discovery and healing. One of the most isolated areas in the lower 48 states, Page hosts beautiful imagery from the Grand Canyon. Adventure can be accompanied with reward. Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, and the Grand Circle are all within reach.