Victim Offender Workgroup (VOW)


Another Way's misdemeanor court-ordered work group is for men and women who are in need of court assigned treatment. The program is affordable, and can be, free of charge. 


Did you know a large majority of offenders were once victims as children? That is why victim is part of the VOW. Another Way's offender intervention keeps options open and a non-bias mindset. When you work with us, you will be treated with integrity and respect.

Cost & Other Details

To sign up call 928-645-5300. 3 hours of class is assigned each week. 90 minutes of the group will be exercise and the other 90 minutes will include a court approved workbook. $50 per week for 13 weeks. Scholarship options are available.

VOW Scholarship

If you are having a hard-time making ends meeting, Another Way will subsidize the 50 dollars in exchange for 4 hours of volunteering. Volunteering will include sorting at our thrift store, pulling weeds at the recovery center, etc.

Contact Information

Men's Group

Intake - Contact Gregg Martinez

Women's Group

Intake - Contact Patricia Collins

928-645-5300 to set-up an appointment. Or stop by 611 Elm St. to book an appointment today.


This program is popular due to its effectiveness and affordability.  Missing more than 1 class without being previously approved will be considered grounds for termination from the program.