Meet the Staff

Executive Director, Gregg Martinez

Mr. Martinez obtained his Master's in Clinical Psychology in 2012, and his bachelor's in psychology in 2006. Since, Mr. Martinez has worked on advancing rural health, with an emphasis on trauma recovery. Mr. Martinez practices Positive Psychology and Emotional Awareness activities and events.

Residential Coordinator, Patricia Collins

Mrs. Collins is a professional Advocate who specializes in living skills, parenting skills, and crisis intervention. Through compassion and empathy, Mrs. Collins provides a comfortable environment for residents. 

FBC Manager, Merlissa Shepard

Merlissa Shepard has been with the organization since 2012. Mrs. Shepard is fluent in Navajo and has an eye for treasure. Make sure to stop in and visit the Family Bargain Center, a mission-based thrift store.

Administrative Specialist, Lisa King

Rolisha King provides crisis navigation, legal advocacy, and clothing vouchers. Mrs. King has been with the agency since 2016

Board of Directors

HK Elrod, President 

Ryan Battles, Vice-President 

Regina Santelli, Treasurer 

Melissa Lalich, Secretary 

Don Harrington, Member

Team Members

Ed Goodman, FBC Asst. Manager

Arizona State University Study

This project was produced by the authors under 2015-VFGX-K016, awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. This strategic plan revealed that Page Regional Domestic Violence Services (PRDVS) is making big impacts – even life changing and life-saving impacts – on the lives, health, and well being of the many victims it serves. This report documents evidence of PRDVS’s success in terms of meeting clients’ needs and achieving clients’ satisfaction. This project involves the development of a strategic plan for one victim service organization, Page Regional Domestic Violence Services (PRDVS), which assists a large number of Navajo victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This strategic plan is driven by two inter-related goals, to (1) develop strategic approaches for PRDVS to leverage resources to reach and serve more victims of domestic violence and (2) identify and address gaps in knowledge regarding the nature of victimization and services provided to PRDVS clients. To examine these goals, data were collected and analyzed from three sources, including: (1) interviews with agency staff, (2) surveys with clients, and (3) analyses of PRDVS’s financial documents. The staff interviews and client surveys allow for an “insider’s look” into specific agency and client needs, and the financial documents provide a context with which to understand the feasibility of the agency’s current and future service provision.


In total, 37 clients participated in the survey. Data collection of the client surveys began on June 2016 and terminated in July 2017. Although the research team initially set out to obtain 40 client surveys, data collection was terminated prematurely in consultation with agency staff because PRDVS temporarily ceased hosting residential clients during a planned remodel. During this span of a few months (July to October 2017), PRDVS placed clients in other shelters in the surrounding area.